ok im serious this time... these packs were NUTS...

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yes i know im a super mega cukkkkkk with the titles recently but like bruh... these packs went stoopid dummy ham. im not lying. seriously u guys
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wow, you stud - thanks for clicking this video. quite simply, i cant help but notice how handsome you look right now - great job sport. keep up the nice work!
#mmg #madden21
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Dalkota Vor 14 Tage
Ethan Pyron
Ethan Pyron Vor 21 Tag
MMG: "We didn't make one offensive upgrade" Also MMG: doesn't sub in 93 calvin at WR, and doesn't sub in 91 Corey Dillon over 90 Mike Alstott
Papa meags
Papa meags Vor 22 Tage
The editing straight heat bro🥱
DJ Chark
DJ Chark Vor 26 Tage
Take a moment and realize what's poppin is the background music while opening packs and middle child
Tucker Futrell
Tucker Futrell Vor 28 Tage
Can u n kaykay ply I think it would be a good Game but y’all lose it would be like a lost by 3
Brock Roberts
Brock Roberts Vor 29 Tage
8:53 you Jonathan Taylor for a td
Landon Desper
Landon Desper Vor Monat
The play at 8:50 the RB was wide open
Justin Sterba
Justin Sterba Vor Monat
What’s your Xbox username would like to follow
Chris McDonald
Chris McDonald Vor Monat
Papa meags is so close to 2 millliiiii 🐐🐐
Michael B
Michael B Vor Monat
You should a favorite player on the wheel so you get to pick the best version of you favorite player
Drew Dunbar
Drew Dunbar Vor Monat
You gotta wear that mink for topper now if you pullin like that dawg @mmg
ThunderCam Vor Monat
Updated title: These toppers were nuts
Matthew Grier
Matthew Grier Vor Monat
Dale Enders
Dale Enders Vor Monat
papa said "texas on d'andre swift... yup absolutely toasted the user" lol toast and texas hahahahahahahahahahaha
Dennis Sutton jr
Dennis Sutton jr Vor Monat
Me after school in my room: 0:39
Andres Barragan
Andres Barragan Vor Monat
8:55 who else looking at “y “
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia Vor Monat
What does he mean by he can see it?
Jordan Pflugfelder
Jordan Pflugfelder Vor Monat
You look gay
lil cash
lil cash Vor Monat
When mmg uploads: me and the boys mom can you make sum popcorn?
Milessmiles31 Vor Monat
Papa should get a Todd heap Jersey
Average Josh
Average Josh Vor Monat
Papa Meags got hyped about the man that got absolutely yeeted by the Helmet Catch. IDGAF if he’s a 97, as a Giants fan, I just can’t.
Noor Al kilidar
Noor Al kilidar Vor Monat
Love is temporary but drip is forever 😤
Cxps Vor Monat
Love the uniforms
Colby Flood
Colby Flood Vor Monat
He has basically all 91 wr's but still doesn't choose to put in a speedster (Tyreek Hill) and I know he doesn't like him but also Megatron but still like come on put in cheetah
cc pie
cc pie Vor Monat
When Todd heap is still the best te in the game
BootlegBumble Vor Monat
Where’s Bailey
Sam Frezghi
Sam Frezghi Vor Monat
Papa: if he had clicked Y for even a second that's a pick Play station players: no hablo ingles
Colton Nadolsky
Colton Nadolsky Vor Monat
The only reason you could not run is because his O-line is all 99 over all I played agents him and he posted his account on Tiktok
XCLUX1VE Vor Monat
You can unfreeze the zero chill players just go to sets!
Nate Cohen
Nate Cohen Vor Monat
I got a 98 RIcky Jackson out of a Hail mary pack
Shreck Vor Monat
I think he’s trying to yell over the music
Fatcat Boi
Fatcat Boi Vor Monat
2 97s
Fatcat Boi
Fatcat Boi Vor Monat
Adi Sinha
Adi Sinha Vor Monat
Nobody: MMG: I couldn’t fill it fast enough
j0sh Vor Monat
the insta kill hit different😫
Dominic Steeck
Dominic Steeck Vor Monat
Mmg comicly wearing his pomp coat lol 😂😆
Christopher DeCiucis
Christopher DeCiucis Vor Monat
MMG: we need a wide receiver in this pack opening Also MMG: Pulls 93 Megatron.... forgets....... then says he’ll put Corey Dillon at wide out
Pizza Gang
Pizza Gang Vor Monat
It would be cool if you only did old football players that used to play team only
Ethan Butler
Ethan Butler Vor Monat
Is buymutcoins.com legit
shaun veshio jr
shaun veshio jr Vor Monat
He called mean joe green a stud
Jake Miskelley
Jake Miskelley Vor Monat
As a Steelers fan I’m happy. Part 123843
Kaden Caldwell
Kaden Caldwell Vor Monat
Is 96 Joey bosa good
Yo boy Zamasu
Yo boy Zamasu Vor Monat
You can unfreeze them there is a set for it
Jason Renner
Jason Renner Vor Monat
I can’t be the Only one that realized how loud he is with music on
Cole Bergstrom
Cole Bergstrom Vor Monat
you boys already know there’s gonna be a video at the end of the year titled “WR Weapon X Goes Off!”
Dylan Wilson
Dylan Wilson Vor Monat
This man is high as heck in these vids boys
Cole Marullo
Cole Marullo Vor Monat
The mellow century pivotally smell because vietnam seemingly rot underneath a true wind. last, accessible trout
pegasus jocks
pegasus jocks Vor Monat
Stop uploading videos please.
Nicolas Hagerty
Nicolas Hagerty Vor Monat
This man is legit down bad U know you been repeating videos when u got ‘ok im serious’ and then say the same thing
S-Dog 1216
S-Dog 1216 Vor Monat
Insta kill
Eclipse Vor Monat
Day thirty-one of asking to add "house tour" to the challenge wheel. To complete it you show us your house
cashus nool
cashus nool Vor Monat
Do the new mut heroes cards
cashus nool
cashus nool Vor Monat
Do the new lamar card
football card collector dragon
football card collector dragon Vor Monat
I have Barry sander football card and ray Lewis and Lamar Jackson card
football card collector dragon
football card collector dragon Vor Monat
Clavin Johnson football card
football card collector dragon
football card collector dragon Vor Monat
I have a Calvin johnson
Crispy wave !
Crispy wave ! Vor Monat
2 million he we come papa meags
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong Vor Monat
Chris Maizys
Chris Maizys Vor Monat
Do a Lamar mut heroes gameplay
Liam Hogan
Liam Hogan Vor Monat
pulled Rickey Today!
Lambtalk Podcast
Lambtalk Podcast Vor Monat
Papa will you please be on my podcast! My episodes are on Spotify and Apple Music
BURdy Lewis
BURdy Lewis Vor Monat
Try film study it is 7 ap but you see all routes when your on defense make a video about it
SlikFN Vor Monat
9:51 Ayo?
Talan Puckett
Talan Puckett Vor Monat
Papa meags do a No money spent series
Gabriel Branch
Gabriel Branch Vor Monat
Hey papa
April McCreless
April McCreless Vor Monat
Grow a beard then shave it into handle bars
Aaron & Alex
Aaron & Alex Vor Monat
Lol, no offense but at the beginning you were acting just like my grandma.
Brandon Jackson
Brandon Jackson Vor Monat
you should have a reset team on the wheel of mut
Dylan and Jackson
Dylan and Jackson Vor Monat
Where is yo girl
TheGreat Raccon
TheGreat Raccon Vor Monat
U forgot to put in calvin johnson
Chase Whalen
Chase Whalen Vor Monat
Papa lost to a women
Goob Trube316
Goob Trube316 Vor Monat
I pulled a 98 Rickey Jackson out of a get a gold player!!!!!!!
12kPlu Vor Monat
Ben sissel
Ben sissel Vor Monat
That’s not the only time a lions fan complained about not having any rings...
Electrix ZR
Electrix ZR Vor Monat
Who thinks Chase Claypool is the better rookie WR after Justin Jefferson
Nathan Barrett
Nathan Barrett Vor Monat
That insta kill edit was clean af
mutiny_77 _
mutiny_77 _ Vor Monat
Add a challenge to the challenge wheel where every touchdown you score you get plus one overall on any player
Isaac Abernathy
Isaac Abernathy Vor Monat
Challenge idea: score a touchdown without looking
Isaac Abernathy
Isaac Abernathy Vor Monat
Aye papa meags got a loui vutton jacket
Jayden brown
Jayden brown Vor Monat
This guy really pulled a 97 SS Aaron Hernandez
Mallory Richardson
Mallory Richardson Vor Monat
Do a full steelers roster
Zy Vor Monat
Ayo can we talk about how you got bodied by duke dennis papa
Adam Garcia
Adam Garcia Vor Monat
Matt are u okay bro the energy has been off lately
Nash McLean
Nash McLean Vor Monat
Nobody: MMG: if he’s not open I’m just going to scramble
Levi Schiller
Levi Schiller Vor Monat
2:06 lions franchise be like:
Brian Ellis
Brian Ellis Vor Monat
DEpost nerfing papa I had to go look for this vid
Mr Sully
Mr Sully Vor Monat
Bru, how long are you going to be on 1.96 million
CamoLay10 Vor Monat
stop swearing and especially using GOD'S name in vain!!!!!!!!!!!!!
E Datko
E Datko Vor Monat
At 5:50 you can just do the mean joe green challenge and do one star and you have a power up Mean Joe Greene
NotYou Vor Monat
Damn I thought something was off...then I realized that the sponsor hadn’t shown up instantly and I almost lost every single marble that I have ever owned
TheCarder11 Vor Monat
Agent0 is from now on exiled from our country
JR Hamil21
JR Hamil21 Vor Monat
Who else seen “Y” wide open
Nick Marchi
Nick Marchi Vor Monat
4:55 was some fire editing
HW Hallock
HW Hallock Vor Monat
matt u look like Macklemore lmaoo
Doofy D Kicking Company
Doofy D Kicking Company Vor Monat
Wheel idea: 5k cooks for every push-up you can do in a minute or 2 minutes?
choccy milk :D
choccy milk :D Vor Monat
the only reason papa let a girl win in the hoh tourney is cuz he respects women
Kevin Bartell
Kevin Bartell Vor Monat
8:55 Y is wide open
Buckey Gaming
Buckey Gaming Vor Monat
3:26 why did he say it like that😂😂
Hayden L
Hayden L Vor Monat
todd heap still running over people as per usual😤
Heywood Jablowme
Heywood Jablowme Vor Monat
MMG: pulls 93 Megatron Also MMG: doesn’t sub out Tyler lockett
my pack dominance will NOT stop...
My Packs Are STILL Juiced...!?
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