Our Best Highlights... in the PLAYOFFS..!? Wheel of MUT! Ep #45

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Chase Young breathes heavily, trying to catch his breath... "but papa... how can you run 20 miles, complete 1000 push ups, and pipe my thottie, without even breaking a sweat??" papa meags grins slightly, knowing his newest padawon has the potential. "Listen up, Chase..." papa proclaims. "Keep grinding... and you just might be 10% as good as me.." Chase opens up with a wide grin. He knows, that if he can be 10% of papa, that he would become a god.
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wow, you stud - thanks for clicking this video. quite simply, i cant help but notice how handsome you look right now - great job sport. keep up the nice work!
#mmg #madden21
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Jack Spalding
Jack Spalding Vor 21 Tag
The music in the editing was fire bro
peso Vor 27 Tage
matt should make a new challenge where you have to score a touchdown using 1 hand on the controller
Olen Edwards
Olen Edwards Vor 28 Tage
Papa pride
the wiz
the wiz Vor 29 Tage
The aaron Jones sombrero
Yash Gupta
Yash Gupta Vor Monat
nice audio at 6:16
Noah Echevarria
Noah Echevarria Vor Monat
I feel like rage quits should be a automatic challenge completion
Connor McPeek
Connor McPeek Vor Monat
A rage quit should be an instant challenge conplete since you didn't have time to finishnit
Alexander Moorehead
Alexander Moorehead Vor Monat
HB power O out of goal line formation
Ian Mcparlin
Ian Mcparlin Vor Monat
day 422 till i meet/ play xbox with mmg
Devin Vasquez
Devin Vasquez Vor Monat
I heard that MHA oat in the background
ConnorS Vor Monat
9:38 this juke was so good it literally crashed my youtube app
Isaac Boyles
Isaac Boyles Vor Monat
u gotta make a blow out wheel lol
CollBall26 Vor Monat
Did anyone else hear the God of War music in the background
Matt Stone
Matt Stone Vor Monat
We all love the new editor papa
Mason Oetgen
Mason Oetgen Vor Monat
next week maybe ur march madness bracket
Mason Oetgen
Mason Oetgen Vor Monat
spencer Vor Monat
“yo whoever told me to put chase young at right end and aaron donald back to d tackle, i love you” the entire comment section: 😐🥰
chile george V.2
chile george V.2 Vor Monat
Meags I sent it to my mom and all she said was “you’re weird” 😔
cParker212 On Xbox
cParker212 On Xbox Vor Monat
Papa I made a project about vaping and I added your “dont Juul not cuul “ into it
Goated Gabe
Goated Gabe Vor Monat
Is it just me, or was there 2k20 background music for at least 3 minutes?
Ayden Brooks
Ayden Brooks Vor Monat
Me trying to see how he got that diving int👁👄👁🤯
Smitty_boi 0906
Smitty_boi 0906 Vor Monat
Did anyone else notice that he didn’t have Patrick Racard starting
23 Vor Monat
ur best video music wise , by far
SpiceKingCam Plug
SpiceKingCam Plug Vor Monat
3 days of uploads... IN A ROW
the EXOwaters
the EXOwaters Vor Monat
it makes me mad that papa is homophobic, but I will never unsubscribe
Xander Watkins
Xander Watkins Vor Monat
Thank you to this editor. That "oh no" when Dalvin got that nasty first juke, I was dying lmaooo.
Grayson Fletcher
Grayson Fletcher Vor Monat
Never been so dieled in
Ayden Compton
Ayden Compton Vor Monat
i liked because of the RAM music ✊🏼
James Roberson
James Roberson Vor Monat
does anyone know the playbooks he uses
Cam Carr
Cam Carr Vor Monat
So what ad did yall get. I got an avenger game ad.
Ty Polite
Ty Polite Vor Monat
Do a franchise with TD Barrett
Do the blitz the league 2 story
itsyeager Vor Monat
pride sombrero is gas
YBD Your Boy Dylan
YBD Your Boy Dylan Vor Monat
Nathan Wyandt
Nathan Wyandt Vor Monat
When MMG says he needs RG,RT, and HB yet chooses a WR.... AGAIN He always picks WR over anything he needs/wants
Dylan Roach
Dylan Roach Vor Monat
who thinks a challenge should be dont throw a pic during the 1st half???
Nick Murray
Nick Murray Vor Monat
catmanjesus Vor Monat
Tiktok? Unsubbing from you incel
Ryder Seiz
Ryder Seiz Vor Monat
CjWynWyn 13
CjWynWyn 13 Vor Monat
Day 12 of asking for an Updated All-Time Theme Team Series
Dom Dom
Dom Dom Vor Monat
Sent it to my momma rn
300 Breezy
300 Breezy Vor Monat
Slight Racism at its finest
ben the dog
ben the dog Vor Monat
I want 2 see gameplay on ur main
Ethan Chavez
Ethan Chavez Vor Monat
Papa is almost at 2 million !!!
ayden peterson
ayden peterson Vor Monat
idk if ur see this but qb contain is pretty op against fast qbs and u do it by double tapping rb
Sengoku Vor Monat
Alexander Fleming
Alexander Fleming Vor Monat
wonder if he is remembering to check for the better AD card on auction
Walker Harris
Walker Harris Vor Monat
What was the music at 3:20
YouTube Guy7
YouTube Guy7 Vor Monat
Day 168 of asking papa to reboot his messing with scammers series
Benji Blaustein
Benji Blaustein Vor Monat
Stream or make Cold War vids papa
brian alvarez
brian alvarez Vor Monat
Making us Mexicans gay now ???
Cole Logan
Cole Logan Vor Monat
Honestly idk which editor did this but it’s amazing editing
Jay To cool
Jay To cool Vor Monat
Yo meags you should do 1v1s no cap
Sailaway Vor Monat
Just broke my thumb
Thomas Leonard
Thomas Leonard Vor Monat
My mother said she has never seen someone as cultured as u, good job Poppa
WhatJokes Vor Monat
Yo MMG, you should make a vid of you playing with just 60 over all player's
Bryce Howard
Bryce Howard Vor Monat
Can we get another old video reaction
Pdkred Vor Monat
yo you should probably try football universe on roblox
Mason Smith
Mason Smith Vor Monat
I can’t moms in prison
Papasmurf __
Papasmurf __ Vor Monat
Papa you need to bring back the juiced playoff wheel
Drew Wallin
Drew Wallin Vor Monat
Gay pride sombrero papa meags is a different breed.
Kane Chappell
Kane Chappell Vor Monat
All most to 2 million LETS GO MEAGS
Troy Skinner
Troy Skinner Vor Monat
This game was just like the Browns vs Steelers playoff game
Michael Gagliardi
Michael Gagliardi Vor Monat
When you realize that moshi moshi means good morning in Japanese
Karen Lusher
Karen Lusher Vor Monat
Love you bro
The Neighbor hood
The Neighbor hood Vor Monat
Well I saw a sneak peek to another video there is another MG playing the worst football games ever look at 3:48 you see a new foot ball game
A H Vor Monat
Day 21 of asking mmg to be in more 2Hype vids
Beef Cakes
Beef Cakes Vor Monat
You should try playin wz and make it a vid
Nick Atkin
Nick Atkin Vor Monat
ceedee been pretty quiet
HAT3 Vor Monat
kixcez ll
kixcez ll Vor Monat
will mmg ever wear that Barry sanders jersey again?
VoidOxy Vor Monat
Soo no one heard the worst lisp of the century lmao 6:22
Supreme God
Supreme God Vor Monat
God of war theme in the background😭
Buopo R6
Buopo R6 Vor Monat
Never clicked off mmg destroying Buopo with his shlong so fast
Andrew Martinez
Andrew Martinez Vor Monat
God I hope he don’t get canceled for calling a basic ass hat gay pride 💀
Alternative Title Man for Charlie Second Account
Alternative Title Man for Charlie Second Account Vor Monat
Matt you should do a video where you visit the ea headquarters
shriggas channel
shriggas channel Vor Monat
who else fr sent a screenshot to there mom
Drew Dunbar
Drew Dunbar Vor Monat
Best video of ‘21
Scott Dukes
Scott Dukes Vor Monat
Now Golladay is leaving RIP
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez Vor Monat
What’s the name of the song playing the background? 8:01
Diego Berry Marinez
Diego Berry Marinez Vor Monat
MMG: I need an offensive lineman bro no excuses Also MMG: *Passes on 97 Redux Yanda*
LeBum Jamés
LeBum Jamés Vor Monat
Tyler Tran
Tyler Tran Vor Monat
Mans said I need a o lineman and a back up HB gets neither lmao
in the description it's pretty much chase young is goku and papa meags is beerus
jackson miceli
jackson miceli Vor Monat
bro i was watching this vid and then split my finger and got stitches and finished the vid when i got home
Cade Hardy
Cade Hardy Vor Monat
MMG is so hype how he this cute
green wrld
green wrld Vor Monat
This editing was goated
Eli Palafox
Eli Palafox Vor Monat
Do a game[play where you play with one player from every super bowl but they have to have won the superbowl in order for u to be able to use that player
Sause Man7
Sause Man7 Vor Monat
bring back IMAGINE DRAGONS \/ like to show papa
Jayton Guillory
Jayton Guillory Vor Monat
yall still dosent realize power O is the best
TDGame Vor Monat
Yo MMG intos be so random and funny 😂
hEHe Vor Monat
Day 1 of asking mmg to do a series where he makes a team of players from the same college, ex. (Georgia) Matt Stafford, nick Chubb, Aj Green, Mecole Hardman
BoilerBeast 31
BoilerBeast 31 Vor Monat
Did anyone else notice the liberty mutual sound
Joseph Albanese
Joseph Albanese Vor Monat
For the challenge wheel use a random play book for offence and defence
LucKy4430 YT
LucKy4430 YT Vor Monat
Porque pienso que soy el unico Mexicano?
Maria Cruz
Maria Cruz Vor Monat
When are you gonna stream again
Psu Vor Monat
Too much music
Fred Vanvleet
Fred Vanvleet Vor Monat
Challenge Wheel Idea: Go a whole game without saying “Dayuummm”
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith Vor Monat
you forgot the anime body pillow
Jaccuub Vor Monat
the description made me so happy i peed a lil
sent it to my mom, she couldn’t name anyone
Crazy rope trick!!! #shorts
Dan Rhodes
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TOWN HALL 14 Is Here! (Clash Of Clans Official)
Last To Leave $800,000 Island Keeps It
Going UNDEFEATED in Superstar KO!
Crazy rope trick!!! #shorts
Dan Rhodes
Aufrufe 43 Mio.
TOWN HALL 14 Is Here! (Clash Of Clans Official)
Modric to Pique - "Are you ready to go complain?"