We Couldn't Score... Until THIS..! Wheel of MUT! Ep. #44

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abuse pig whimpers, as he attempts to slowly free himself from the dungeon. "papa... please... i just want to go home to family." papa only laughs. "is that what you said, before you massssacred that family of thotties, mr abuse pig?" abuse pig bows his head in shame. he knows the sins he has committed can never be forgiven. this life.... this life is his punishment.
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wow, you stud - thanks for clicking this video. quite simply, i cant help but notice how handsome you look right now - great job sport. keep up the nice work!
#mmg #madden21
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MMG Vor Monat
Stay Hydrated Studios
Stay Hydrated Studios Vor Monat
Damien Harris isn’t at backup halfback
Evan Kubel
Evan Kubel Vor Monat
Yo for onside kicks you can audible into onside kick formation so your players don’t run backwards
DIO on JoeJoe Crack
DIO on JoeJoe Crack Vor Monat
Damn you was playing against Currys daughter or sumthing
papa meags
papa meags Vor Monat
@Andrew wym
Andrew Vor Monat
@MMG go try
SSwagamer Vor 29 Tage
Papa was down tremendously
DST Slash
DST Slash Vor Monat
8:59 - Baileys punching the air rn
Christian Mekhael
Christian Mekhael Vor Monat
My Alexa scared me bro wtf man it’s almost midnight
Gabe Spinner
Gabe Spinner Vor Monat
dude in a vercase robe talkin bout "down bad" lmao
vasya Vor Monat
weird Steelers fan
weird Steelers fan Vor Monat
Ian Mcparlin
Ian Mcparlin Vor Monat
day 420 till i meet/ play xbox with mmg
Isaac Jacobs
Isaac Jacobs Vor Monat
Do not swear.
Isaac Jacobs
Isaac Jacobs Vor Monat
Do not say that.
Isaac Jacobs
Isaac Jacobs Vor Monat
Do not swear.
Isaac Jacobs
Isaac Jacobs Vor Monat
Do not say that.
Santino Campos
Santino Campos Vor Monat
pls go ceedee ima cowboys fan edit: thank you
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Vor Monat
Why is the editing so ass again
Zinxars Vor Monat
use x + rb to make your recieving team run towards the ball on onside kick
Scott Brown
Scott Brown Vor Monat
y’all know if buymutvoins.com is legal?
Dylan Mullins
Dylan Mullins Vor Monat
Anybody peep that intro edit into the game👀🔥
RAROR Offset
RAROR Offset Vor Monat
5:30 a wide open
TDGame Vor Monat
Gay Pride 🏳️‍🌈 Cedee Lamb 😂😂😂
Thomas O
Thomas O Vor Monat
He should use Devonte Adams
Colin Ackerman
Colin Ackerman Vor Monat
Sorry your down bad papa. Feel better my guy
Juice Man
Juice Man Vor Monat
Dallean Ott
Dallean Ott Vor Monat
he said the card art is gay pride while he wearing the gay pride versace robe
Brenda Richard
Brenda Richard Vor Monat
Stop the gayness 👍
Jason Renner
Jason Renner Vor Monat
Prime time
Alex Batka
Alex Batka Vor Monat
Anyone know song at 5:10?
Jorgie Moreno
Jorgie Moreno Vor Monat
You can Audible on a onside kick
Josh Kim
Josh Kim Vor Monat
The fallacious literature assembly invent because correspondent inexplicably cry across a frequent girdle. crooked, knotty okra
bigman99 Vor Monat
On offense i could clap anyone on defense i couldnt clap abuse 🐖
Sean Sheep
Sean Sheep Vor Monat
What playbooks does papa use
Mason Johnson
Mason Johnson Vor Monat
5:28 he had A for a touchdown
Peter Ludwig
Peter Ludwig Vor Monat
Get that hat off u are the cityest person alive. Carhart is for country bois
zigfree Vor Monat
if you have a ps5, join my legends franchise! it has over 300 legends on it, with the roster i made the name of the franchise is Legends4all
Fabian Gamer
Fabian Gamer Vor Monat
Gay pride ceedee lamb lit lol
Grady O'Neill
Grady O'Neill Vor Monat
MMG has mega drip
Cooper Gossett
Cooper Gossett Vor Monat
Shouldve got the 95 Marcel Reece with 91 speed
Christopher Michael
Christopher Michael Vor Monat
isn't Aaron Donald supposed to get the upgraded one since you prestiged him? just asking did he not come out?
MinecraftLetsPlay Vor Monat
Yes my boy ceedee he's a slot in nfl so idk why he's a deep threat
Lando_The_ Pando
Lando_The_ Pando Vor Monat
larry is a goat
Hi Vor Monat
Scooby Doopy Who 10:05
Purge Expert
Purge Expert Vor Monat
*throws it into triple coverage* mmg: “is that there????”
James Van Cleve
James Van Cleve Vor Monat
You gotta update the Overall wheel because 95s aren’t that great anymore
DaRk_ OutLaw882
DaRk_ OutLaw882 Vor Monat
Lil Haber
Lil Haber Vor Monat
Alexa: E MMG: Teeeeeeee
E V Vor Monat
Makes sense that the cowboys player has the pride flag in the card art
Someone’s Kid
Someone’s Kid Vor Monat
How you lose to a girl
Stay Hydrated Studios
Stay Hydrated Studios Vor Monat
Anyone notice Damien Harris isn’t in the lineup?
Heihdi Vor Monat
I love MMG dude 😂 throws it in triple coverage and asks is it there 😂
Yusufwastaken 24
Yusufwastaken 24 Vor Monat
We rocking
maryclaytorjohnston Vor Monat
Guys ask Siri what a female dog is called 😂😂
Griffin Holmberg:-\
Griffin Holmberg:-\ Vor Monat
Hey how come I saw your name MMG in a elevator in sue st. Marie michigan
StillMoney Vor Monat
Petition to make MMG’s wheel of nut garage be called the cock cave Day 1
Ultimate Raptor Of Greatness and Fertility
Ultimate Raptor Of Greatness and Fertility Vor Monat
no one: papa meags: "ar CHe type"
Ryan Sylvester
Ryan Sylvester Vor Monat
No dolphins love again:( shoulda took devante parker
Sthegamer2767 Vor Monat
aaron donald used to be a dt
Maserific Vor Monat
Matthew, if you have extra ap get lurker on Devin white if your usering him, he gets picks and dives like a safety
Psalms Reed
Psalms Reed Vor Monat
Just wait till papa finds out abt the pride jr card
cringy fat kid 59
cringy fat kid 59 Vor Monat
You are the best i cant express how much I mean this
Sia Roci
Sia Roci Vor Monat
Brody Mahaffey
Brody Mahaffey Vor Monat
The editings fire
William Hineline
William Hineline Vor Monat
Isn’t Aaron Donald a DT?
Griffin Simpson
Griffin Simpson Vor Monat
am i the only one who throws to my no. 2 more than my no. 1 receiver
Patrick O'Neill
Patrick O'Neill Vor Monat
Idk if u would like this but just like u have the jackpot on the wheel u should put one where u get nothing.
Sandra Tuomey
Sandra Tuomey Vor Monat
Where is the nut button
You already know when the music comes on something gunna happen
DIO on JoeJoe Crack
DIO on JoeJoe Crack Vor Monat
It sometimes triggers me how lucky he gets with these slants and texas routes even if his opponent is covering them perfect
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Kaiser Wilhelm II Vor Monat
12:43 why
Gamingwithdj 1
Gamingwithdj 1 Vor Monat
Is he rlly 6,5 he looks shorter
DIO on JoeJoe Crack
DIO on JoeJoe Crack Vor Monat
Yes who would question the god papa meaga?
Jaquale Breland
Jaquale Breland Vor Monat
Is that next gen ?
Jennifer Crampton
Jennifer Crampton Vor Monat
Does mut coin work I'm just wondering comment
ChiTown IL
ChiTown IL Vor Monat
L intro. Grow up dude you’re a man child
Noah Compton
Noah Compton Vor Monat
Fun fact: Larry Fitz has more career tackles than he does dropped passes
Big Papi
Big Papi Vor Monat
You lost the 100k and you taking 5 weeks for wheel of mut you need some milk
The Nighters
The Nighters Vor Monat
Important. Michigan or state?
Taylor Wellborn
Taylor Wellborn Vor Monat
Said he cracked phone.. I couldn’t tell bc of my cracked phone 👀
Ulises Alvarez
Ulises Alvarez Vor Monat
I don’t know what I would do without wheel of mut with papa 😔
Bray Kray
Bray Kray Vor Monat
Bro you have derwin James and he is not your user bruh
Jared Degitz
Jared Degitz Vor Monat
yo matt u have corey linsley on ur team he went to my high school
Charlie Castro
Charlie Castro Vor Monat
Always an absolute banger. Hope all is well papa
John Fritz
John Fritz Vor Monat
You the goat papa
Quinn Carroll
Quinn Carroll Vor Monat
UnsavableSoul Vor Monat
Cj ham deserves a op card
Lucas Randall
Lucas Randall Vor Monat
Stg if this got demonetized
Alison Batchelder
Alison Batchelder Vor Monat
Ceder lam look like a 200 pound wide receiver lol
JamieLee Nolan
JamieLee Nolan Vor Monat
Challenge wheel idea get a successful hurdle
JJ Thomas
JJ Thomas Vor Monat
Literally wearing that same beanie while watching this. I feel like Papa😂
Jess Rogers (student)
Jess Rogers (student) Vor Monat
I'm dreadreaper5 didn't even notice I was playin you ggs game was cheaten me would've stayed if I new it was you
Jack Bishop
Jack Bishop Vor Monat
Drop some merch already
Eli Shaw
Eli Shaw Vor Monat
Not even a cardinals fan but I’m so glad he got Larry fitz
Luca Bisson
Luca Bisson Vor Monat
Need a pack and play like if you are with me
Hector Andarza
Hector Andarza Vor Monat
Soooo what about u and Bailey
Beast_Gaming Vor Monat
I was there to support
Nightmare Vor Monat
Who else thinks and knows he can change the card art on ceedee lamb
Tanks 8
Tanks 8 Vor Monat
Can anyone give me a code for madden21 on Xbox?
Colt Russ
Colt Russ Vor Monat
Papa disappointed us tonight ladies and gentlemen
Anthony Kingsbury
Anthony Kingsbury Vor Monat
He says wearing a rainbow robe lmao
Hooper Nation
Hooper Nation Vor Monat
When you going to play football Fusion in Roblox
Hooper Nation
Hooper Nation Vor Monat
Ashton the king
Ashton the king Vor Monat
What app do you use for the wheel for wheel of mut
Did I really hear mmg say that ceedee lamb ain't that good of a wide receiver
Dylan Canaveral
Dylan Canaveral Vor Monat
Day 3 of asking for theme teams :)
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Ich koche SEIN Lieblingsessen   mit Niek
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